Munda Hi Chahida

Munda Hi Chahida rotates around a man assembled Dharminder who lives with his dad and grandma, his three sisters and two girls. He is urgently seeking after his next youngster to be a child. He feels suffocated encompassed by the ladies in his home and wherever around him. In an edgy endeavor to make his desire work out, he gets superstitious and counsels a nearby Sadhu who advises him to go about as a pregnant dad. The story is about Dharminder’s excursion of becoming out of his childishness and inflexibility. 

Executives: Deepak Thaper, Santosh Thite

Essayists: Deep Jagdeep Jaedy (extra screenplay), Deep Jagdeep Jaedy (discourse)

Stars: Neeru Bajwa, Rubina Bajwa, Jatinder Kaur

Trailer Munda Hi Chahida