47 to 84 Hun Main Kisnu Watan Kahunga

47 to 84 is the excursion of a youthful Sikh young lady, Sukhmani, who loses all her friends and family and is driven out the recently shaped Pakistan during the segment. Alone on the planet with no place to go and no assets, Sukhmani discovers her approach to Delhi. While fighting for herself, Sukhmani constructs a family and life after some time. India was what she currently considered home and felt a solid feeling of connection and having a place here. In any case, her reality was flipped around by and by during the counter Sikh Genocide of 1984. The lives of all her friends and family were at serious risk. The nation that she called her homeland was presently the most risky spot for her, her family and her locale. Will the Sikh people group have the option to live protected and make sure about in India and consider it their home? 

Chief: Rajeev Kumar

Author: Lally Gill

Stars: Natasha Rana, Zafar Dhillon, Neelam Sivia