Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai 1969 Re-release

The film is set Amritsar in 1947, a passionate Sikh and prosperous contracting specialist, Gurmukh Singh (Prithviraj Kapoor), lives with his better half, and more youthful sibling, Prem. Inconvenience begins when Prem gets hitched to Ratan Kaur, as her sibling, Sukha, makes contrasts between two siblings, which in the long run lead to the conclusion of the business. Anyway in the midst of all the troublesome occasions that come Gurmukh never loses confidence and in time, due to his penance and calm affliction, congruity is set up in the family 

Entertainer /Actress Role

Prithviraj Kapoor Gurmukh Singh

Veena Gurmukh Singh’s significant other

I. S. Johar Sukha