‘NABAR’ is the tale of Surjan Singh, a Father, who turned into a Fighter from a Farmer to battle against Injustice. ‘NABAR’ is the tale of Chindo, a mother, who stalled out in the most significant snapshot of her life. Her child’s marriage. ‘NABAR’ is the tale of Manjeet, a sweetheart, who figures demise can murder life, however not relationship. ‘NABAR’ is the account of Karam, who has a fantasy to travel to another country and acquire a superior living for his family. ‘NABAR’ is the tale of Kapura, a government official, who can go to any degree for his benefits. ‘NABAR’ is the account of Rana, a battling comic with brilliant heart, who will remain by truth at any expense. ‘NABAR’ is the story which has never been told. Loaded with feelings, love, outrage and bliss. ‘NABAR’ is the story with heartfelt music (sentimental, Bhangra, shabad and chandi di war first time in Punjabi film. 

Chief: Rajeev Kumar

Journalists: Balwinder Singh Grewal (exchange), Rajeev Kumar

Stars: Nishawn Bhullar, Harbinder Kaur Babli, Raj Dhaliwal