Pata Nahi Rabb Kehdeyan Rangan Ch Raazi

Harman had heard that adoration makes life brilliant, however life had instructed him that he needs to make his life magnificent to get his affection. Harman is a quintessential white collar class male in adoration with Simran, however Simran has a place with a tip top family. Like any cupid-struck darling, Harman promises that he will make himself and his life worth Simran. Harman in his quest for adoration and joy goes to Bangkok, where he anticipates that his life should take a U-turn and satisfy his relatively little yet most out of this world fantasy of getting Simran. 

Executive: Ravindra Peepat

Essayist: Harman

Stars: Neeru Bajwa, Tarun Khanna, Gurpreet Ghuggi