Power Cut

Force CUT – A high voltage Comedy by Jaspal Bhatti When you give a pen in Jaspal Bhatti’s hand, he will produce a story that will be distinctive stuff. In the event that by chance you dole out him to mislead the film you make certain to go distraught chuckling in the theater. The individuals who have counterfeit false teeth are encouraged to keep them in their pockets or, in all likelihood they may lose them while chuckling commend in the haziness of the film corridors. It is fundamentally a youths’ film. Two little youngsters and a delightful little youngster named ‘Bijli’ in a charging romantic tale. The film is sponsored up by a solid group of A-class humorists who handle the issue of Power Shortage. Jaspal Bhatti’s past film was ‘Mahaul Theek Hai’, it was a super hit and a trailblazer. Mahaul Theek Hai completed 25 weeks in Amritsar and 11 weeks in Chandigarh. Till today no film has broken that record. Jaspal Bhatti’s made a Video Film, ‘Jija Ji’ that again was a super achievement. Jaspal Bhatti’s previous works like Ulta Pulta, Flop show and Full pressure have become works of art throughout the entire existence of Indian Television. Jaspal Bhatti consistently concocts another thought. THIS TIME IT IS POWER CUT – a parody by Jaspal Bhatti. 

Executive: Jaspal Bhatti

Essayist: Jaspal Bhatti

Stars: Daljit Arora, Jaswinder Bhalla, Arvinder Bhatti